The Search Demand Curve

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SEO – The Search Demand Curve

As you may already know different keywords have different search demands and we generally categorize them into 3 groups. The first group would consist of highly searched terms in search engines such as ‘Cars’, ‘Games’, ‘Animals’ and so on. As you can note these are quite broad subjects and it’s not that useful to rank for these keywords. Additionally they only carry about 18.5 % of the total searches. The second group is known as the Chunky Middle¬†and carries 11.5 %. These are more specific keywords like Ford Focus, PS4 Games, Mosquitos and so on. Finally we have the last group known as the Long Tail keywords which carry 70 % of the total searches. They are specific keywords such as ‘Parkour shoes size 11′. Now these are the types of keywords which you should mostly focus on. Even though they have the least number of searches when compared to the previous two groups,¬†they tend to bring in the most conversions.

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