Increasing Ranking Through Link Building

In the previous blog we discussed what keywords we should use to improve our search engine optimization so that we obtain the right customers while still ranking up high in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Keywords and other content related optimization are known as on-page optimization. In this blog I will talk about building a good linking structure which regards off-page optimization. Note that off-page optimization doesn’t just include back-links. Continue reading

SEO: What should my keywords be?

Keywords are the basis of any search engine and thus it is of absolute importance to have the right keywords if you’d like your website to rank when it is supposed to rank. Then the question which follows is,

  • What should my keywords be?

Wouldn’t it be nice to rank first for those high keywords with millions of searches a day? Or would it? The most important thing to keep in mind is Continue reading

Technical Search Engine Optimization

Several search engine optimization development and design features are employed in websites to boost up the ranking of the website. Search engines have what are called spiders to crawl the web and no by webs I’m not referring to spiderwebs or anything close for that matter :) . Unfortunately these are limited in the ways which they can crawl through the web and thus we shall discuss some basic do’s and don’ts which sometimes tend to be misunderstood or completely unaccounted for to obtain an excellent SEO website. Continue reading

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

So you have somehow arrived on this webpage and to this blog but how did you actually arrive here? Was it through a personal suggestion? Probably not. Most probably you arrived here because you searched on search engine optimization and Google ranked this blog probably in the top 10. So how do Google and other search engines alike know what to provide the user when he types in a search? There are billions of webpages on the web and search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have to go through each and every one of them and provide the user those which are related to his search. Hence search engines are basically answering machines on steroids if you will. Continue reading